Are you moving to The Netherlands? 

Do you ever lie awake from the hassle that awaits you?

Would you like to feel less dependent?  

Would you like to enjoy your stay, right from the start?

Yes? Then we have what you’re looking for: 

Via our online courses you can prepare yourself in the months prior to your departure to The Netherlands. 

You will feel at home in the Netherlands as soon as you arrive. 

Curious about experiences of other expats? 

Discover the 10 most important "lessons learned" that other expats would have liked to know before coming to the Netherlands.


I'm Michel Daenen

I was born and raised in the Netherlands. But that did not automatically enable me to understand Dutch culture. Only after I had traveled and lived abroad I discovered the typical things about my home country. I am a sociologist and have been teaching and coaching people from all walks of life for more than 25 years. I love to support newcomers to understand the things that help them to live and work happily in The Netherlands.  

The online courses to choose from:


All the main things you need to know to have a smooth landing




  • 6 months access
  • 49 lessons with video
  • Personal guidebook in PDF
  • 4 quizzes to check your progress
  • Discusion function in every lesson
  • Completeness warranty

if you prefer personal coaching to focus on your particular situation



  • 2 online personal coaching sessions
  • 49 lessons with video
  • 4 quizzes to check your progress
  • Discussion function in every lesson
  • 12 months access
  • Completeness warranty
  • Membership of Facebook community
  • 12 live webinars with Q&A

The online courses are meant for:


You intent to stay in The Netherlands for a few months or years. When the job is done, you'll move back to your home country or will move on to a new assignment.  


You come to The Netherlands with the intention to stay. You want to build a life in your new home country as soon as possible. 


Your partner accepted a job in The Netherlands and you came along. You left your life back home and what to make the best of your time in The Netherlands. 


Your partner is Dutch. After a while you both decided you'd be the one to leave your home country to live with your love in The Netherlands. 

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