Are you moving to the Netherlands?

Are you worried it will become a failure?

Let's not beat around the bush: it cannot become a mistake. That’s not acceptable.

That you fail to build a joyful life outside of work. That you get homesick and want to go back home. What a shame that would be. To your family, to your friends, but especially to yourself. No, it just has to work.

Discover the 10 most important "lessons learned" that other expats wish that had known before moving to the Netherlands.

If you know the experiences of people who went before you, your preparation will run smoothly and relaxed. Then you know what to focus on. And you have realistic expectations, so that you are not faced with unpleasant surprises. Download the free PDF "The 10 lessons learned" by clicking below.


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10 practical 'need to know' things expats wished they had known 

before they arrived to The Netherlands.

In the video I explain to you how I got to this top 10. 

Free PDF with the 10 things expats wish they had known before they arrived to The Netherlands. 

This is the minimal 'must know' when you arrive in The Netherlands. 

Save yourself disappointments and struggle. Just make sure you know these basics.