About us

Your Move To The Netherlands was founded by Karin Gabor and Michel Daenen. They are both private and business partners. They lived in Hungary together with their two children for 6 years. Upon their return to The Netherlands in 2014 they started providing training, coaching and assistance for international people in The Netherlands. Karin’s main profession is sustainable project development. For Your Move To The Netherlands she does relationship management and makes sure everything runs smoothly behind the scenes. Michel has been training and coaching people since the start of his career in 1994. He delivers the content as cross cultural coach and appears in the videos of the courses. 

For the courses about specific topics Your Move To The Netherlands cooperates with specialists. They became preferred suppliers that bring specific and in-depth knowledge to the table. They are all experienced in working with expats in The Netherlands. 

About your Cross cultural coach Michel Daenen

‘I was born and raised in the Netherlands. But that did not automatically enable me to understand Dutch culture. Before I gained international experience myself, I wouldn’t have been able to really teach anyone anything about how to be effective in Dutch culture.

It was only when I was abroad for a longer time, far away from the Netherlands, that I became aware of what is so specific about Dutch culture. That happened in 1992 when I stayed 2.5 months in India. Later, in 1996 and 1997 I traveled around the world for a year, visiting 17 countries.

I had a lot of time to reflect and contemplate. There I learned more about values and cultural differences.

I studied Organisational Sociology at the University of Utrecht. A study in which processes of change were explained by events in the past, identity and shared values, both on individual and organisational level. This theoretical basis was complemented by practical experience when I relocated to Hungary with my wife and 2 children to build a business. After six years we came back to the Netherlands and only then I had the confidence to have enough basis to help international people in the Netherlands to be effective in work and life in the Netherlands.’

Since 2014 Michel has been privileged to be educated by and then work on a regular base as freelance intercultural coach and trainer for global relocation company Cartus. This collaboration gave him the opportunity to work with high level managers from world’s biggest multinationals such as: Proctor&Gamble, Catapillar, Philips, Johnson&Johnson, United Technologies, Biogen, Equinor, BP, Ansel, Boeing, FedEx/TNT, TJX Group, PepsiCo, General Electrics, Brown Forman, Fonterra, Molex, Cristal, WR Grace and NIKE.

The managers and their families came to The Netherlands from various home countries: Belgium, Germany, France, Switzerland, Spain, Portugal, Italy, United Kingdom, Ireland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Denmark, Poland, Slovakia, Slovenia, Czech Republic, Serbia, Romania, Ukraine, Hungary, Turkey, Russia, Armenia, India, China, United Arab Emirates, Kenia, Jordan, United States of America, Canada, Argentina, Mexico, Australia, Morocco, South Africa, Argentina, Peru, Nigeria.