Treat your recruited expats to a soft landing 

Pre-Arrival course provides comprehensive preparation for expats and their families, ensuring a smooth transition to the Netherlands. This can help reduce the stress and anxiety that can accompany a move to a new country, allowing your employees to focus on their work.


"Thanks to the course we had realistic ideas and we had a plan. Our move has been very pleasant because of the help we received. It surely would have been a struggle without this fantastic support."

Danielle and Igor 



“We had tons of questions about everyday life, society and politics and they all got answered. This way we felt we could deal with all the changes. It gave a relaxing feeling, like we were in control.”

Anne and Laurie



“My biggest concern were the kids, how would they feel. But the course helped all of us to feel comfortable. A big relief. Our whole family feels at home here.”

Constance and Nico


About me

My name is Michel Daenen, founder of Your Move to The Netherlands. I was born and raised in The Netherlands, visited many parts of the world and have been an expat with my family for 6 years. Since 2013, I have personally guided hundreds of expats from many different countries. Singles, couples and families. They worked for startups, government organizations and multinationals such as NIKE, PepsiCo, General Electrics, Boeing and FedEx.

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