Good preparation is all you need

Our Pre-Arrival Course is perfect for expats and their families who want to prepare themselves for their move months before their departure. 

The course covers everything you need to know about living and working in the Netherlands, ensuring that you experience a seamless transition to your new life. 

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 Danielle and Igor


Fantastic Support

"Thanks to the course we had realistic ideas and we had a plan. Our move has been very pleasant because of the help we received. It surely would have been a struggle without this fantastic support."



In control

“I really learned much from these sessions. I felt in control, instead of lost”

 Vimal and Parul


Practical advice

“We got so much practical advice, like cycling, city center information, interesting places must-visit, festivals and events, real estate markets, areas that we consider for short and long term living as per our needs. And also preparation to get a job for Parul. It really helped us to build our life here.”

This is what the Pre-Arrival Course is about

With more than 50 video's and a personal guidebook you are well prepared

and ready to go and live in The Netherlands


Module 1: Knowing the Practicalities

All practical topics will be covered, such as Housing, Food, Money, Public Transport, Driving a car in The Netherlands, Riding a bicycle in The Netherlands, Taking a taxi, Healthcare, Geography and the weather, Recreation and Leisure, Postal Services, Safety, Education.


Module 2: Understanding Dutch Culture and Customs

In this module you will learn about the deeper layers of Dutch Culture, so you will find it easier to connect and make sure you avoid embarrassing mistakes. You will learn about the Collective Memory of the Dutch, Dutch Values, Religious Beliefs in The Netherlands, Politics, Law, Traditions and Celebrations and much more.


Module 3: Dealing with Dutch Business Mindset

How to behave during meetings, what is the expectation at network events and negotiations? As an employee, customers, client or colleague, in many roles it is important to know how to deal with the Dutch business mindset. You will learn about Communication, Business Etiquette, Decision Making, Teamwork and Regional Differences. Also, do's and don'ts will be covered in this module.


Module 4: Coping with your transition

Moving to another country can be intense. Not only for you, but also for your partner, family members or any people you are making the move together with. How to recognise culture shock and what to do to ease that? What is culture anyway, and how do you grow as a person when you know better how to deal with cultural differences? How to behave in a helpful way when you are facing cultural differences? How to grow as a professional by dealing with differences? Those important topics are covered in this module.


Module 5: The Netherlands since COVID 19

Since 2020 Dutch society has changed rapidly, in all sort of ways. Minor changes and major changes. Politically, Economically, Practically. In this module you will learn what has changed and what the background is of it all. Various topics will be covered, such as: Housing, Media, Healthcare, Economy, Geography and Money.

Michel Daenen

Your Personal guide to The Netherlands

My name is Michel Daenen, founder of Your Move to The Netherlands. I was born and raised in The Netherlands, visited many parts of the world and have been an expat with my family for 6 years. Since 2013, I have personally guided hundreds of expats from many different countries. Singles, couples and families. They worked for startups, government organizations and multinationals such as NIKE, PepsiCo, General Electrics, Boeing and FedEx.

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