Expat Radio

Podcast channel for internationally minded people in The Netherlands. Interviews and lectures about living and working in The Netherlands, covering topics like Business, Career, Networking, Cultural differences, tips for trips and recommendations by fellow expats.

The podcast is hosted by Michel Daenen, a Dutch sociologist who has been an expat himself and since he repatriated provides courses for expats in The Netherlands. This podcast originally started as a Radio Show on Easy FM, a local radio show in the Amsterdam Area.
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Below you find episodes until now (new episodes will be added regularly):

In this episode of Expat Podcast an interview with Jolyan Leonard. Jolyan is from the UK. He moved with his family to The Netherlands 3 years ago. In this podcast he speaks about his motives to move, his work in Virtual Reality and a special building project he is involved in. Because of the Corona we did this interview online. Hopefully you’ll agree that Jolyan’s story more than makes up for the poor sound quality. 

In this episode of Expat Podcast an interview with Francisca Burgos. Francisca is originally from Aruba, a tropical island in the Caribbean. Singing and dancing has always been an important part of her life. She recently started Joysing, a networking event where international and Dutch people come together to sing, enjoy and connect. In this podcast she tells you about herself and about Joysing.

About JoysingNL

Join new residents and born Dutch for an hour to sing different old and new Dutch pop songs. Just because it’s fun! Anyone who wants to meet new people, who wants to learn Dutch and /or wants to sing out loud is welcome. For more information about JoysingNL you can go to the website 

In this episode of Expat Podcast an interview with Hannah van der Rest. Hannah is Dutch, lives in Amsterdam and is project leader of the Amsterdam Culture Club, an English-speaking community group that brings together culturally minded internationals at exclusive special events in the Amsterdam Area. In this interview she explains how it works and shares tips for trips. I interviewed Hannah together with co-host Dharminder Bihari during the LIVE radio show Easy Fm Expat Radio. 

More information on the Amsterdam Business Club you can find on this link.  

PodcastIn this episode of Expat Podcast an interview with Devendra Singh. Devendra is from North India. He has been living in the USA, Singapore and Australia before. In The Netherlands he worked for KLM and Rabobank. Currently he works for ING. He talks about his experiences as an expat. First question I ask him was when he moved to the Netherlands.

In this episode of Expat Podcast an interview with Edwina Kannemeyer-Snelting and her husband Bert Snelting. Edwina is from South Africa. She came to The Netherlands to live with Bert. In this interviews she talks about her experiences as a ‘love-pat’ establishing a live in Almere, a city 20 km east of Amsterdam. I did this interview with Edwina en Bert together with co-host Dharminder Bihari during the LIVE radio show Easy Fm Expat Radio. We talked about how they met, cultural differences, Dutch ‘inburgering’, her work in The Netherlands and Tips for Trips.

In this episode of Expat Podcast an interview with Mayte de Vries. Mayte is program manager Sustainability at the Municipality of Almere, in the Amsterdam Area. In this interview she talks about circular economy, sustainability and the ‘Steiger Festival’ (Jetty Festival) in Almere, where entrepreneurs showcase their contribution to the development of circular economy. She also talks about the efforts of the municipality of Almere to turn itself into a sustainable green city. I interviewed Mayte together with co-host Dharminder Bihari during the LIVE radio show Easy Fm Expat Radio, which took place in the ‘Week of Circular Economy The Netherlands’.

In this episode of Expat Podcast an interview with Katerina Kusova (or in short Kate Kusova). Kate is from Moskow, Russia. She met her Dutch boyfriend via Tinder and after travelling back and forth for quite some time she decided to move to The Netherlands to live with him. In this interview she gives valuable tips on how to build a social network and how to find a job in The Netherlands. I interviewed Kate together with co-host Dharminder Bihari during the LIVE radio show Easy Fm Expat Radio

In this episode of Expat Podcast an interview with Monica Moga. Monica is orginally from Romania and moved to the USA in 2001 following her husband’s work. She lived in Boston, San Francisco and New York. Then she moved to the UK. Later she came to the Netherlands to do a scholarship program in data analytics at Microsoft in Amsterdam. She first lived in Almere, 20 km east of Amsterdam and later she moved to Rotterdam because of a job opportunity.

She is about to leave to the USA again, to Florida, to start a new business in kitchen remodeling, together with a friend of hers. Just before her departure I got to speak with her about her experiences living in The Netherlands.

The beginning: the switch from Live Radio Show to the Podcast channel.

It all started when Arno van Boven, director of Easy FM, asked Michel Daenen in december 2019 to create and host a show especially for expats in the Amsterdam Area. Together with co-host Dharminder Bihari Michel created three episodes of a 2-hour LIVE radio show, called Easy FM Expat Radio. People were enthusiastic about it. But Arno, Dharminder and Michel saw this show needed to spread its wings, so more expats could be reached. That’s why we switched from the local radio station Easy FM to a podcast channel. This way international people from all over the world who are interested in living and working in The Netherlands can listen en enjoy.   

Studio guests in the Easy FM radio shows: