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Your Move To The Netherlands

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Do you do that little extra for your expats?

Your company employs expat workers. People with different cultural backgrounds. They bring the knowledge and skills you need for your business. 

Whether you recruit them yourself or outsource this to an external agency, it costs time and money to attract these people. For various vacancies, the pond in which you are fishing has scarcity. How do you ensure that they want to work for your company? And once they choose your organization, how do you make sure you keep them?

Of course, a candidate will choose you because of your organization and the challenging position, but wouldn’t it be nice if you could offer them just that little extra to make you stand out even more from the others? That you show just a little bit more it is important to you that the candidate has a good time? Both within your company and in the Netherlands in general?  

Many international candidates leave after a while because they receive an offer elsewhere that is just that little bit more attractive. They are not embedded in the company, have little social life and do not have a bond with the place where they live.

However, this can also be different. Wouldn’t you like to make a small extra investment to go that extra mile for them? To show that they matter to you and your organization as human beings? That you want them to feel at home here and that they can move more securely within your organization?

Some employers, therefore, choose to offer cultural training to the candidate and his/her family at the start of work. These programs are not cheap and often do not have the priority of the new employee. “First my life is in order, then I have time for other things”.

From Your Move to the Netherlands we give these programs to the top management of large multinationals.

If only I had…

A much-heard complaint from the people we coach is:

– I didn’t know this was so valuable

– I wish I’d known this before.

– Now I understand what happened at that first meeting.

To respond to this complaint, we took the time to convert our years of experience with intercultural programs in the Netherlands and abroad into an online course for internationals coming to the Netherlands. It is a tried-and-tested approach and all essential topics will be covered.

This course allows your international employees to prepare well in a way that is simple, efficient and price-conscious.

Advantages of the online course:

– You can show that you are a good employer and that people and families matter to you, which contributes to the promotion and attractiveness of your organization;

– The investment is small compared to live training and coaching;

– You don’t have to make an effort yourself, don’t have to arrange a meeting room or spend time on it.

– The new employees can already follow the course before they come to the Netherlands, enabling them to build up their lives independently as soon as they arrive;

– Colleagues and HR are less burdened with all kinds of questions during work;

– Due to the better preparation, there is more chance that the international employee will be well embedded in society and therefore less likely to leave.

– If desired, it can be accessed within your learning environment or with your branding exclusively to knowledge workers of your company. If desired, the course can be supplemented with an online community for Q&A and Webinars, also in your house style.

With this course, you offer your new employee the opportunity to become a competent and happy expat in the Netherlands, who is better embedded in society and therefore may remain a valuable force for your company for a longer time. 

We would be happy to talk to you about a possible collaboration.

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